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When a MONSTER Emerges…

March 21st, 2010
Repeal it. Kill It.  This MONSTER will eat us alive!

Our congress has done us a dirty deed by lies, deceit, bribery and unbelievable arrogance. The health care bill just passed is another step toward socialism and tyranny, plain and simple. This is an example of African pimp style absence of spending restraint — roll the prostitutes’ john, buy a Cadillac on easy credit, equip it with every do-dah and goo-gah, get drunk, drive it as fast as it will go, crash it and walk away — Yah, Obama, I’m talking about you!

Citizens of our country spilled a lot of blood (including a little of mine) to resist the threat of a communist tyranny. But today there are those in our government that see nothing wrong with destroying liberties that we fought to protect. Even though the Democrats that have forced the health care takeover claim that “it’s for our own good” or “it’s for the children” or “it’s historic”, in fact it is an attack on our liberties as citizens and our constitutional system of government. It is a step toward tyranny. Who will defend us against this attack from within?

If we citizens of America value our liberty we must destroy the monster, repeal the bill, throw out the politicians who foisted this miserable mess upon us. Years ago during a visit as a student to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, my host pointed out a lamp post in the main city square. He proudly said, “Here’s where we hang our politicians.” Since then I’ve always thought that the regular hanging of a random politician or government official might focus the minds of those we send to Washington. Maybe they’d pay attention to the voices of citizens rather than assuming that they know better. Have them walk past that the lamp post on their way to work every day.

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