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The Whole Earth Simulation Model

April 30th, 2010

Are you ready to imagine a world in which everything is controlled by mathematical models similar to the “global climate models” that have led to global warming hysteria?

Can you imagine a “…model that uses in real time things like financial transactions, health records, travel details, carbon dioxide emissions and so on to build a model of not just the planet but the entire society that populates it.”

From MIT’s “Technology Review” this is the vision of Dirk Helbing at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He envisions obtaining a billion euros from the EU for his “Living Earth Simulator”.

University professors and government bureaucrats using a “…simulator will look for economic bubbles and collapses, warn of global pandemics and suggest how to tackle them, it will model and predict the outcome of regional conflicts and determine the effect of our behaviour on the climate. He even wants to create ‘situation rooms’ in which global leaders can view and manage crises as they occur.

Well, maybe it’s just an academic’s fantasy. After all, the models can’t really even predict tomorrow’s weather, the climate models are junk … but wait! This thing would really appeal to the government control freaks. Here’s their scientific justification for regulating everyone and everything. This is statist gold!

And the interesting thing about this is that it would all be in real-time. This would require the whole world to devote itself entirely to reporting to the government-academic complex the details of every activity they engage in … which would almost entirely consist of reporting the details … which would be the details reported … which would mean that the models would enter an endless feedback loop of self-detailing confusion.

So we have nothing to worry about, do we?

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