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Black Markets and Free People

May 23rd, 2010

The socialist state is closing in on you and me.

1) The health care law requires all transactions totaling $600 or more (cumulatively over a year) to trigger IRS 1099 reports. That means the government will know who you get money from and whom you pay it to.

2) Thousands of new IRS agents will be hired to monitor your health insurance subscriptions. Do you have a government approved policy? What else might these new jackboots be used for?

But that’s not all, folks ….

3) The new financial regulatory law in front of congress has a provision that allows the government to collect data on all banking transactions, including ATM transactions, by name of person including address. The government is specifically authorized by the legislation to do anything they please with this data.

4) Various “comprehensive immigration reform” proposals by “progressive” Democrats have proposed national ID cards for all citizens (and non-citizens?).

Guess what all that is aimed to do? I’ll tell you if you read on from here.

The logical and historically inevitable result of these measures which will be combined with regulatory measures to control your behavior, the upcoming massive tax increases in the form of energy taxes, carbon taxes, and potentially a VAT — will be the complete stagnation of the county’s economy and emergence of an immensely enlarged underground economy, often called a black market. This type of situation arises historically from the advent of repressive regimes and hyper-inflation, both of which are on the horizon for the U.S.A.

Beyond a certain point most people are not helpless and stupid. Even if they don’t value their civil liberties, they do react to attacks on their economic freedoms. They’ll find a way to take care of themselves. And when they find that government has destroyed the integrity of the above ground business environment through over-regulation usually accompanied by massive corruption, when their money is worthless, their lives are monitored in excruciating detail by oppressive bureaucracies — then they figure out ways of living that bypass all of this. The black market emerges. Don’t like to be monitored by government? Don’t participate by reporting anything. Don’t like your government clinic? Pay a doctor under the table. Don’t like the government monitoring your ATM transactions? Use cash obtained in under the table in private face-to-face transactions. Don’t have cash? Do barter transactions. Money worthless? Use another country’s currency or gold. Afraid to being found out by your local commissar or block committeeman? Arm yourself. Afraid to arm yourself? Emigrate.

Of course, this type of economy is typically a growth opportunity for criminal gangs. Look at Russia. Look at Zimbabwe and Nigeria. So you don’t like what the gangs are extracting from your black market activity? Join the gang.

Do you think I’m exaggerating? That it can’t happen here? Think prohibition, then read the first part of this article. The “progressive” government doesn’t think it’s so far-fetched. It’s preparing itself already.

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