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Gutless, Toothlesss and Stupid

May 27th, 2010

Now we hear that “US troops won’t be used to stop illegal immigration”:

US National Guard troops being sent to the Mexican border will be used to stem the flow of guns and drugs across the frontier and not to enforce US immigration laws, the State Department said Wednesday.

So how are they going to do that? Ineffective and annoying checkpoints going south added to the annoying and ineffective checkpoints going north? The last time the national guard was deployed on the border they were not issued ammunition for their weapons. Now that’s really smart — armed forces without bullets. Only the Obama crowd could think of something more stupid than that — stopping the arms traffic southbound! “Hey! The other guys have guns! Those are the guys you’re being sent out to stop?”

I live just about 35 miles north of the border, so I’m intimately aware of the problems. We have traffic through my property all the time. In the past it had been friendly farm laborers looking for honest work. But lately the traffic has turned ugly — drugs and gangs. Where I used to greet and chat with the visitors, I now go out armed to confront them and send them on their way. The border patrol sometimes comes out, but never quickly enough to apprehend anyone.

From what I’ve heard so far this is just another example of the gutless, toothless and stupid Obama crew posing as fixers for everything from banks, to auto companies, to health care, to oil wells.

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