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Nasa – a $17.3 Billion Boondoggle

April 7th, 2008

For my $70 share of Nasa’s $17.3 Billion proposed budget I’d gladly take the money and let NASA fold. It has completely outlived its original purpose, which was to impress the Russians during the Cold War. The space shuttle is a miserable mistake technologically and economically, and the space station is a huge waste of resources. The proposed manned Mars mission is a waste of tax money.

As a technical person I’m easily impressed by technology. I love gee-wiz-bang stuff. But I don’t see any good reason for the U.S. Government to be engaged in this mass entertainment project using funds extracted by force. If enought people really valued NASA’s programs enough they could contribute private funds to a private version thereof and get their jollies. As for me, I’d like a $70 tax reduction.

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