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NASA’s Fuzzy Feelings For Muslims

July 7th, 2010

The Sun God has decreed that NASA’s primary mission should be to make Muslims feel good about their contributions (900 or so years ago) to science and engineering. See below an interview with Charles Bolden, recently appointed to head up NASA.

Routinely ridiculing President Obama and his administration has become so easy that it’s boring. But the bottom line is that NASA has outlived its usefulness. It was created as a propaganda play during the cold war. It has spent billions of dollars performing space stunts and bragging about its contributions to science and technology. It has spent more billions being involved in projects from automotive engineering to agriculture, none of it non-space related , cost effective, useful or even original. And now, spending billions more to enhance Muslim self-esteem is the ultimate absurdity.

It’s past time to pull the plug on NASA.

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