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Land Grabs & Toxic Bureaucracies

August 21st, 2010

Behind the scenes of the Jihaddi-Mosque controversy, hidden from view by pictures of the Sun God bathing in the Gulf of Mexico, and the catastrophe in Pakistan, behind all of this is the ongoing frenetic activity of the Sun God’s leftist wrecking crew as they take crow bars and hammers to America’s natural resource industries. Thanks to the ever vigilant Michelle Malkin, we learn about Obama’s War on the West and now the Stealth Ocean Grab. These activities are designed to destroy oil & gas extraction on-shore and off-shore, killing thousands of jobs and raising the price of fossil fuel energy. These are goals of the so-called “environmental” or “green” lobbies for the expressed purpose of “ending America’s addiction to oil and reducing CO2” plus the unstated but overriding purpose of destroying free market capitalism in the United States.

I highly recommend your exploration of the link, above. The subject is exhaustively covered and documented on Ms. Malkin’s site. Then join me in thinking about how in the world we can dismantle this web of toxic bureaucracies that is being assembled by the Obama Socialists. It won’t be easy.

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