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More Stealth Regulation

August 29th, 2010

Deep within the Health Care legislation was buried a provision to expand 1099 reporting to cover nearly all business transactions — a stealth move by congress. More stealth consisted of a government takeover of the student loan program — within the Health legislation. Within the Financial Reform bill are hidden regulations regarding racial diversity. The EPA has been used to implement back-door CO2 regulations far beyond the authority of the original legislation. And now, the Sun God’s minions want to use the EPA to clamp down on gun ownership by implementing an EPA ban on the use of lead in ammunition. This would make gun use much more expensive and would obviously make the EPA a mechanism for regulation of private weapons ownership. What about an EPA regulation concerning the fumes expelled from firearms, or some Consumer Protection laws regulating firearm design? It boggles my mind to imagine the design that the Consumer Protection Agency would come up with for a regulatory compliant revolver.

Once you start down this road of unlimited extensions to regulatory authorities, the possibilities are unlimited. There are a lot of things I don’t like that the regulators could put right with some new regulations, including chewing gum smacking (sprays spittle – a health hazard), farting in elevators (air pollution, EPA take note), loud music, especially rap from auto boom boxes (we might need a new agency for that), political robo-calls (attn. FCC), tatoos, especially on women, and piercings, especially on men (National Endowment of the Arts Alert!), most government regulations … oops, we’re getting carried away because I don’t know how to suppress them.

One of the problems with run-away government regulations is that they inevitably produce one or more unintended consequences. A prominent consequence is the development of a black market for regulated or banned products or services. There are instances where entire economies resort to a black market in order to survive in an over-regulated economic environment. The second unintended consequence is that the inevitable government attempts to suppress the black market result in crime. Criminals supply the goods or services that are in demand — torpedoes, laws,and police be damned.

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