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Why I Go To The Tea Party

October 13th, 2010

I’m not a party guy, not a joiner. I don’t like crowds. But I’ve gone to each of Tucson’s Tea Party events. Why?

The picture below summarizes my motivation. This is Raul Grijalva, my representative in the U.S. House of Representatives. Here’s a guy who so dislikes the idea of enforcing existing immigration laws that he calls for a national boycott of his own state of Arizona.

Here’s a guy who votes 100% lockstep with Nancy Pelosi for insane spending, government takeovers, and crushing regulations and taxes. This man is an embarrassment to Arizona.

So what is the alternative? Fortunately we have a wonderful alternative to Mr. Boycott his own district. The alternative is Ruth McClung. She’s young, articulate, and sensible … not to mention beautiful and gracious.
Here’s her picture:

Ruth is a physicist working for local aerospace company. She’ll vote for sensible measures to restore sanity to the Federal Government.

Can she win? She’s got my vote and I’m sure the vote of many others in this district, but we have to face the fact that this district was gerrymandered specifically to elect the likes of Raul Grijalva. This election will be a real test of whether the American electorate can be sensible enough to vote for principle and freedom rather than class envy and racial pandering. I actually have hope that the people are wiser and more independent-minded than they sometimes appear.


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