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Class Warfare Justified on NPR

October 19th, 2010

Our tax-supported National Public Radio today published “Partner content from THE NEW REPUBLIC” entitled The New Republic: The Morality Of Taxing The Rich, by Johathan Cohn. If you’re still mystified about the mindset of leftists this is an excellent tutorial.

Among Mr.Cohen’s rationales for taxing the “rich” are that a) the rich got their wealth mainly by luck, b) the rich derived their wealth from public activities such as the national science foundation and public schooling. So morality dictates that they deserve to be taxed heavily. Cohn argues that “…nobody is suggesting the rich to give up all the extra money they make. All anybody is asking is that the rich pay more in taxes — in effect, that they reinvest in society by a little more than they do now.”

And what about success due to hard work, education and dedication? Cohn says:

Yes, a good work ethic will take you far. And I know many well-educated professionals convinced that nobody works as hard as they do. (I’ve been known to indulge the thought myself.) But I’ve met many people at the bottom of the income ladder who work just as hard, for far less reward. Between 1980 and 2005, the richest one percent of Americans got more than four-fifths of the country’s income gains. Does anybody seriously believe that the other 99 percent didn’t deserve to take home a much larger share?

So, without saying so, Cohn maintains that the “other 99 percent” deserve a larger share of new wealth — through increased taxation of the legendary one-percent. And the government, which collects the taxes, is going to distribute this boodle to the 99%? Or is he really saying that morality or “fairness” dictates that the 1% be punished for their success? Would this really make the 99% more wealthy?

To sum it up, Cohn says that success depends on luck, public goods, and the achievements of prior generations. Therefore, it is the moral imperative of the government to take the “extra money” from the wealthy by taxing them. Does this argument make sense? Does it even have a single strand of logic from one end to the other? No, but our NPR spends public funds to preach it.

Meanwhile, Nancy Pelosi says “it’s about fairness” of “ownership and equity” — the government’s job is to level the “disparities” between rich and the “middle class”.

The leftists in and out of government preach class envy and use that to justify higher taxes, more government, less freedom. And in the case of NPR, they’re doing it with our money.

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