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Is a Gay Military a Better Military?

November 18th, 2010

OK, I give up. I don’t really want to write about the subject, but it just won’t go away. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

The real question we should ask is, do we really need or want homosexuals in the military? Why the pressure to have openly “gay” men as soldiers? Or even “closeted” homosexuals as soldiers?

Well, here are some possibilities:

1) We can’t find enough heterosexual males capable of carrying out military duties.

2) The military combat is such a wonderful experience that it is unfair to limit this opportunity to hetrosexual males alone.

3) Our armed forces will be strengthened and our enemies intimidated by introduction of nurturing, sensitive, artistic and fashion conscious soldiers into its ranks.

4) Society demands that our heterosexual soldiers must be cured of any residual homophobia that they may secretly harbor.

5) Encouraging gays to enter the armed forces will sweep them out of the ranks of civilized civilian society.

6) Along with increased female participation, this is a way of feminizing the armed forces — so as to make them more effective warriors.

7) The “queering” of the armed forces gives the politicians and pundits another reason for excusing the non-participation of their own sons.

8)  If the armed forces become sufficiently sensitive, caring, kind, and perverted, perhaps it will reduce the likelihood of war — after all, who’d deploy the Dutch army to do anything serious?

9) The Catholic clergy is cracking down, so this gives child molesters another place to find a career.

10) The U.S. doesn’t need a military anyway.

If you can’t find facts to refute all of these on their face, then you obviously don’t understand the first thing about the military or about war.

If you agree with these arguments, then I guess there’s no hope for you, so don’t ask, don’t tell.

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  1. […] As earlier posted, I don’t think that a gay army is a better army, combat being a very supercharged male, macho enterprise which depends as much on intimidating the enemy as it does on killing him. The Defense Department survey has been widely misinterpreted in that combat elements, the point of the spear, overwhelmingly reported against the inclusion of gays in their ranks. The views of combat soldiers should carry much more weight than those of uniformed bureaucrats. (Sorry guys, no offense intended.) […]

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