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Global Warming and Global Food Hysteria

April 13th, 2008

Oh, OH. Global warming hysteria has led to substitution of crops for oil, which has led to higher food prices. One big government response to hysteria is leading to another big government cycle of panic then intrusive, expensive, corrupt and ineffective programs.

This week we’ve seen numerous and sudden stories popping up about skyrocketing food prices causing rioting and hunger in Haiti and various parts of Africa. Now, from Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank, according to API:

“He called on governments to rapidly carry out commitments to provide the U.N. World Food Program with $500 million in emergency aid it needs by May 1.”

So let’s analyze this. Haiti, which has had stockpiles of food rotting and being eaten by rats in Port au Prince customs warehouses — due to government actions, and African countries with brutal leaders like Robert Mugabe and others who a) destroy productive white-owned farms, b) refuse food aid that is from genetically modified seed, and c) salt away monetary donations in Swiss bank accounts (activities the U.N. and World Bank routinely ignores or excuses) — these guys deserve urgent food aid? What about the last batch? So we’re about to be treated by a call for a world organization to control food prices. Sound dumb and unlikely? Don’t kid yourself.

What’s causing the rising prices? Croplands dedicated to bio-fuels, corn crops for ethanol? Could this have something to do with rising prices? Of course it does. What’s causing the riots? Rising prices, partially. Failed big government programs, tariffs, politics, corruption? Yes, mainly those.

So an environmental panic sponsored by the U.N., various governments and their big-government cheer-leaders leads to higher food prices. SURPRISE! And failed international and U.S government aid programs fail to work due to corruption on all fronts. SURPRISE! And the proposed solution is more big government and international programs. NO-SURPRISE! Control oil. Control the air. Control the farms. Control food! More control leads to less of everything. Control Government would be a better and more effective solution.

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