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New Defense Budget Item

December 18th, 2010

Now that the Reid/Pelosi led lame duck congress has passed the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, with the object of stuffing the military forces with homosexuals, congress will have to add a new line item to the defense budget: Cost of Aids Treatments for military personnel. It should be quite a lollapaloosa.

As earlier posted, I don’t think that a gay army is a better army, combat being a very supercharged male, macho enterprise which depends as much on intimidating the enemy as it does on killing him. The Defense Department survey has been widely misinterpreted in that combat elements, the point of the spear, overwhelmingly reported against the inclusion of gays in their ranks. The views of combat soldiers should carry much more weight than those of uniformed bureaucrats. (Sorry guys, no offense intended.)

Gay soldiers, personified by Bradley Manning, the PFC behind the WickiLeaks document thefts are not the kind of soldier we need more of. There is a good reason that homosexuals are excluded from sensitive national security posts, and there is a good reason to exclude them from military duty.

If the liberal members of congress, most of whom have no personal military experience, believe it is their duty to expand career opportunities for gays or to proselytize the professional gay agenda, then they should do so within organizations and activities that they personally engage in. I’m sure these creative people can find somewhere better than the military services to engage their progressive fantasies, such as day-care providers for their children or sports coaches for their young sons.

So if the new Congress fails to reconsider this folly, we’ll just have to pay for it in military AIDS treatment costs and a less capable military. Neither of these is good for the country.

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