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The Cost of Looney Land CO2 Cap & Trade

April 14th, 2008

The Global Warming Hysteria now has some numbers associated with it. According to WashingtonWatch.com S. 2191, the America’s Climate Security Act of 2007 is projected to cost over $17,000 per average U.S. family. For that we could probably outfit (privately, not via. Nasa) a mission to another inhabitable planet and send everyone there.

Yes, folks, the nutty global warming frenzie does have a cost. A Big one! Throw out these ignorant bureaucrats and politicians. The bill’s original sponsor is Joseph Lieberman and there are many co-sponsors, including:

Sen Cardin, Benjamin L. [MD] – 10/18/2007
Sen Casey, Robert P., Jr. [PA] – 10/18/2007
Sen Coleman, Norm [MN] – 10/18/2007
Sen Collins, Susan M. [ME] – 10/18/2007
Sen Dole, Elizabeth [NC] – 10/18/2007
Sen Harkin, Tom [IA] – 10/18/2007
Sen Klobuchar, Amy [MN] – 10/18/2007
Sen Nelson, Bill [FL] – 10/30/2007
Sen Schumer, Charles E. [NY] – 2/28/2008
Sen Warner, John [VA] – 10/18/2007
Sen Wyden, Ron [OR] – 12/17/2007

…. Idiots ALL.

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