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White House Propaganda Department At Work

January 25th, 2011

It has gotten slicker and slicker. The Obama White House has a very impressive and undoubtedly very expensive web site to promote the President’s agenda and image. See: Here.

Now they even have their own I-Phone “App” so you can get a call whenever the Prez. decides you need more info. I wonder what that one cost?

I’m all for government activities being illuminated by the light of day and honest reporting from within and without. This, however, goes beyond merely reporting activities toward glorifying them. This is campaigning with taxpayer money. First we get an unsolicited email (spam) from, in this case David Plouff announcing, among other things, a “how the state of the union message was made” TA-TA! movie, question and answer sessions on-line after the speech by his-highness, his-assistant-highness, and a panel of experts to “answer your questions”, and of course a sign-up form so you can get these messages too. I didn’t sign up for mine. They just spam me, having harvested my email address from some earlier correspondence.

It’s all very fancy, very slick, and very expensive. It’s probably technically illegal to spend tax funds on campaign-style propaganda, but what-the-hey, these guys don’t pay any attention to the law anyway.

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