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Weather Not Weirder

February 13th, 2011

Global warming alarmists and warming skeptics alike sometimes delight in citing weather events as evidence that their viewpoint is the correct one. It is easy for the alarmists to point to severe weather events such as the freezing cold U.S. weather a week ago or the Australian floods and say they are evidence of global warming’s effects on weather — always negative, of course. But it’s much harder for skeptics of AGW to argue that these events, though newsworthy in an annual context, don’t necessarily mean anything significant in terms of a world-wide climate, i.e., proving negative. But now we have a study that purports to evaluate extraordinary weather events in a global and long-term historical context. See:
The Weather Isn’t Getting Weirder”

The interesting thing about this is that it apparently contradicts the dire warnings being issued by the mathematical climate models and their keepers. There appears to be nothing too extraordinary about the weather now in a historical context. This is bad news for the climate modelers, who should toss their models on the basis of being contradicted by the physical evidence. But it is good news for the human race and the world economy that the climate isn’t on a collision course with disaster.


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