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March 19th, 2011

There is so much miserable bad news that it is depressing to write about it. That’s why it has been some time since the last article. But what really depresses me is that I have always been, at heart and in practice an optimist. I started and operated my own businesses, served in the military, never followed the crowd and always believed that America was a special country with special, can-do citizens. But the defeatism and weakness in evidence today is just too much. There is a thing called “duty” and it sometimes requires sacrifice. There is a thing called “honor” and this too sometimes requires sacrifice and making hardest decisions. And there is a thing called “country” that patriots sacrifice and sometimes even die for. So if ordinary citizens make real sacrifices in the name of duty, honor, and country, why do we elect politicians who are completely and utterly irresponsible, who cater to the most base and selfish interests of their constituents and themselves? Have we as a country lost the backbone, the duty, honor and country to hold these guys accountable, even if it costs us a little inconvenience or some imagined “free” bennies? If all of this seems ridiculous and starry-eyed to you, then you’re no friend of mine, you’re part of the problem.

The United States faces complete and utter economic ruin caused by the irresponsible spending by politicians at every level, local, state and federal. The obligations taken on in support of public employee retirement programs, social security and medicare, and now Obamacare are simply beyond anything the government is able to confiscate no matter how high taxes are raised. The politicians balk at spending reductions in the billions of dollars, when they should be cutting back in the trillions. There have been several detailed proposals for $400-500 billion reductions (Ryan & Paul), plus a government report detailing $100 Billion in waste and duplication. But our gutless politicians can’t do any better than propose $6 Billion reductions, 2 weeks at a time. And the citizens look on at this as if it matters not to them at all. I don’t know anyone other than welfare moochers who can name government benefits they actually benefit from personally, and that come anywhere close to being worth the taxes they’re paying, or that others are paying on their behalf.

The prospect of imminent hyper-inflation ably described by John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics has me so depressed that I’m actively accumulating assets that I think might survive the imminent demise of the dollar. As a bonus, Williams exposes the utter mendacity of government produced statistics measuring inflation, GNP and unemployment, among others.

The U.S. used to pride itself in being a world leader. Now our empty-suit president, the community organizer, holds meetings about school yard bullying, picks brackets for sports, goes on vacation to Rio while the world wonders what the U.S. policy on Libyan democracy is. We don’t have to fight everyone’s wars, but there should be no doubt that the U.S. backs the rights of people striving for freedom and democracy worldwide.

The Japanese have been dealt a terrible blow by the historic earthquake and tsunami which caused a nuclear disaster. We should all wish them well and provide any help we can afford. But it just troubles me no end that somebody, Japanese, American military, someone, didn’t send in some big honking generators to the power plant so they could run their cooling systems immediately after the disaster was known. Maybe there’s a reason?

There is no shortage of energy in the world, but there is a lack of will to generate it, dig for it, or pump it. The U.S. is still the third largest producer of oil in the world behind Russia and Saudi Arabia. We didn’t get that way by doing nothing. But now our government has been captured by an ideology that says it is evil to extract energy from coal, oil and natural gas. So vast resources of these minerals are off-limits from exploitation. The off-shore, Alaskan, Bakken, and Rocky Mountain areas have enough oil and gas to keep the country growing through energy use for centuries. Why, oh why, does the federal government place these resources off limits to exploitation? It makes no sense at all if you are a can-do American.

“Yes, we can.” “Si, se puede,” a Mexican-American radical activist motto was co-opted by Obama for his campaign. But whatever needs to be done to restore the economy and make American as great as it should be is met by “Maybe we shouldn’t” or “We’re too weak” or “We’re too guilty.” This is a low-class, self-defeating attitude that leads to nothing but sloth and failure. As a community organizer, Obama’s only accomplishment was to teach people to beg for government handouts. His housing project, the target of his organizing efforts remains a cesspool of poverty, misery and murder to this day.

We deserve better than this. Our representatives need to start doing their sworn duty and fix the mess in spite of the presidents, congressional democrat leaders and weak-kneed RINOS that created it. But the fix starts with the determination of citizens to elect representatives who have honor, honesty, substance and backbone. And then perhaps the old American success story fueled by individual achievement and ambition will peek through the liberal-progressive-collective fog and take us on to ever greater heights of achievement and success. Maybe we can once again be proud of ourselves by acting as can-do, individual, successful Americans who don’t need to apologize to anyone.

Addendum: see Garland: “Pres. Obama, I too am exhausted defending you.”

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