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Clarity About Spending

April 7th, 2011

What politician, what voter in his right mind could consider the Obama/Democrat “current path” on the (Paul Ryan budget) graph below to be a rational choice? I’ve not heard any democrat apologist justify that kind of path. It can’t be because they don’t see it. It may be because they just don’t want to deal with it now, during their term in office. That would take personal integrity, honesty and courage, none of which these people possess.

So the blather about government shutdown goes on. The furlough of some 800,000 would leave the government employment about where it was when Obama came into office. These people are “non-essential” so useless. Fire them all. That will make a start at saving money.

I can’t identify a single federal government service I’ve received in my lifetime. I’ve paid out taxes that should entitle me to fire at least one government employee who’s never done anything beneficial for me … and maybe another who has burdened me with regulations, paperwork and hassles. What about you?

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