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Completely Useless Federal Employees

April 8th, 2011

Here’s a list of useless (non-essential) federal employees. Instead of being furloughed they should be fired permanently.(From National Journal)

Education: 4,150 workers out of 4,465 full- and part-time employees would be furloughed.
Energy: No furloughs in the short term.
Environmental Protection Agency: Of 17,721 employees, 16,061 workers would be furloughed.
General Services Administration: 11,298 workers out of 12,697 employees would be furloughed.
Health and Human Services: 47,693 workers departmentwide would be furloughed.
Homeland Security: Approximately 184,000 employees out of 230,000 workers across the department would be excepted.
Interior: From 52,000 to 55,000 out of 68,900 total employees would be furloughed.
Government Accountability Office: Out of 3,000 employees, fewer than 30 would be considered excepted.
Housing and Urban Development: The department has 9,700 employees. Of that number, 846 would be excepted and 8,854
Justice: Of 117,529 employees, 94,261 workers would be excepted.
Labor:14,449 out of 16,099 workers would be furloughed.
Merit Systems Protection Board: All 216 employees except the three-member Presidentially Appointed Senate Confirmed (PAS) Board would be furloughed.
Office of Personnel Management: 724 employees would be furloughed out of 6,514 total employees.
Postal Regulatory Commission: Out of 71 employees, five appointed commissioners and three tech/support staff would be considered excepted.
Small Business Administration: 2,102 out of 3,230 employees would be furloughed.
Social Security Administration: 20,846 employees out of 68,028 would be furloughed.
Transportation: 17,870 workers out of 58,011 would be furloughed.
Treasury: Of 127,000 total employees, 92,000 workers would be furloughed.
Veterans Affairs: Of 312,628 total employees, 10,234 would be furloughed.
The Office of Management and Budget is including agency contingency plans on its site as well.

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