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Coverup Worse Than Original Crime

April 28th, 2011

I’m waiting for President Obama to declare “I’m not a crook.” He has released a birth certificate that is obviously a forgery, and an incredibly amateur one at that. See below and on numerous other sites.

Is this just another example of the “Chicago way”? Don’t take that as an excuse. Our president, the anointed one, is certifiably a liar and a crook.


Was the president born in Hawaii? Most probably yes. I’ve never had serious doubts about that. Is the president a liar and a crook? Yes. Did the recently released “long form birth certificate” prove or disprove anything at all? No. Is it a forgery? We don’t really know. I may have jumped to an unwarranted conclusion about that. But it’s still up in the air.

With his characteristic arrogance the Sun God remarked on Wednesday that, “Over the last two and half years, I have watched with amusement. I have been puzzled with the degree with which this thing just kept going,” He has been “amused” that citizens have raised a legitimate question about his constitutional qualification to be president. Apparently, in his mind it’s none of our business. How dare we question him? He has valued his amusement over and above the legitimate constitutional questions raised by citizens, so much so that he’s spent millions of dollars blocking release of a document which he could have authorized with the stroke of a pen two and a half years ago. Against this background of arrogance and deceit nobody should be ashamed to doubt his honesty and the genuineness of the documents submitted this week and previously. After all, the document was under the custody and delivered by the White House, not by any trusted intermediary. So the doubts remain, not about his birthplace, but about the veracity of the submitted documents and motivation for hiding nearly every document about his past life.

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