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Nancy’s Nutty Logic on Debt: It’s All Bush’s Fault

June 1st, 2011

Via the far-left blog Daily Kos we get this clip. It illustrates liberally the true nuttyness, delusion and mendacity that drive today’s far-left Democrat party. View the clip in its entirety if you have a strong stomach or a barf bag at hand.

Ms. Pelosi starts out with the charge that the debt limit increase bill came up so suddenly that, get this, nobody has had time to read it? President Obama’s budget, which was unanimously rejected by the house should therefore not be quoted as a pattern of Democrat intentions and aspirations — because it didn’t pass?!

Now the mendacity. The debt was all Bush’s fault. The Ryan budget abolishes Medicare. Clinton’s budgets were all in balance after deficit spending by Reagan & Bush.The Ryan plan gives tax breaks to BIG OIL, to CORPORATIONS, and SENDS JOBS OVERSEAS, weakens the middle class, does not create jobs and increases the deficit by 1.9 Trillion. BOO-HOO-HOO. The usual leftist boogie men.

violins, please. She talks about being a mother and grandmother, then slams the PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. Complains that education and military equipment will be cut, and mourns the negative impact on the poor, helpless MIDDLE CLASS.

And finally, she claims that in the second year of the Obama administration, more private sector jobs were created than were created in 8 years of the Bush administration. WHAT IS SHE SMOKING?????

Thanks, Daily Kos, for a tutorial on the delusional mentality of the nutty left.

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