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July 10th, 2011

Let’s face it. The NASA Apollo moon landing project was one giant publicity stunt designed to one-up the Russians during the cold war and burnish the image of a young, inexperienced president. While the moon landing was a source of pride to Americans and a thrill to watchers worldwide, it was not a significant contribution to science.

Since then, NASA has spent billions of dollars on the space shuttle and the space station. The shuttle was supposed to be able to land, refit and fly again within a few weeks at a cost of a few tens of million dollars. The reality is that it couldn’t turn around in less than three months and each flight cost half a billion dollars. The thing was a kludge from the start. Just look at the picture and tell me if I’m wrong. Some say the shuttle was only justified as support for the space station and the space station was only justified as support for the shuttle. If you think that’s success you must be a government employee.

In between flights NASA has involved itself in everything from nutrition to automobile technology to rubber bands to global warming alarmism. It’s contribution to technology is miniscule to non-existent. Its cost has been exorbitant.

In light of the need to cut government down to a reasonable size, NASA is an agency we should be happy to sunset. RIP NASA.

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