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Welfare Society and Multi-Culturalism Failure in England

August 9th, 2011

These Pictures of Chaos and Rioting in England show some consequences of multi-culturalism in a welfare society. (A subject I’ve blogged about here before.) When people become dependents on the government, and that government can no longer provide for them the comforts and benies they think they are owed, then they resort to mindless violence against “they system,” “the man” the “rich and privileged.”

A cohesive and homogeneous society, on the other hand, may provide ways for the dissatisfied to cope and overcome. And it will usually have a means of discouraging the kind of self-destructive behavior we see in London and elsewhere this week.

The dependency and sense of helplessness engendered by the welfare state is no less a sponsor of self-destructive outrage. People not responsible for themselves don’t consider themselves responsible for the property or rights of others.

Take a look at the photos linked above and think about it. Do you have sympathy or contempt for the rioters? Does anything excuse this behavior? Do you think it has meaning in the context of our own society’s race toward multi-culturalism and socialism?

And P.S. take a look at mob violence in Philadelphia this same week.

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