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September 8th, 2011

Today’s news reports that a French court has found a (strange) fashion designer, formerly employed by Dior fashion house, guilty of speech that insulted Jews and others. However vile the speech, however vile the speaker, making speech a crime is even more vile. And this type of censorship/criminalization of speech has infected what were previously thought to be democratic, free societies including much of Europe and even Canada. Here in the U.S. it hasn’t come to that yet, with the exception of some “hate crime” laws that criminalize thoughts, which is a related subject.

As vigilance is the price of liberty, we must guard against creeping censorship in its many forms, including self-censorship via political correctness. We are a better and more civilized people who ignore speech we detest rather than bringing down the boot of the state on the neck of the speaker.

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