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Sun God Shines Light on Future

January 6th, 2012

It just keeps getting worse. The Sun God president declares that he doesn’t need Senate confirmation for his appointments. He appoints the head of a toxic agency that is detached from congressional oversight and budgets, the so called Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The law and centuries-old practice regarding recess appointments has been ignored presumably because the Sun God believes that “consumers” desperately need more supervision of their finances. Chalk up another win for the emerging totalitarian government.

Eric Holder, the (AG) Enforcer in Chief, has led the way by giving congress the finger over Fast and Furious, the government-sponsored gun running operation that has killed some 300 Mexicans and a couple of American border agents as well. Holder thinks his duty is to protect black people from white bigots, ignoring actual documented election fraud and intimidation of voters by black thugs. Congress couldn’t do anything about that, so the green light is on, right?

Well, what the hell, he thinks. While I’m doing that I might as well do a double duty destruction run. I can destroy the U.S. military, which I detest, by reducing their ground troop strength by half a million men, yield to the Chinese ambition to dominate in Asia, and recover half a trillion dollars to spend on welfare checks for the masses — who will reward me by voting Democrat.

My friend Hugo, down in Venezuela showed how to stay in charge even if his country wasn’t doing all that well and most of his people criticized him. The Chinese are about to take over the leading role in the world, and look at how their leaders stay in charge year after year. Elections are just a historical fad. Modern countries with enlightened leaders need to have stability at the top.

There’s a election coming up, but with things so bad in this country, with so many people not enjoying full government benefits such as food stamps and unemployment payments, we have a real crisis on our hands. I have the answers, thinks the Sun God, I am the salvation of the country. So I can’t just passively let myself be relieved from office by an ignorant, racist, tea party mob. No. I’ll just postpone the election for a few years until I have everything fixed and under my control. After all, I am your glorious benefactor, the Sun God, so who will stand up and prevent me from doing that?

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