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Winning the Drug War in 2 Years or Less

June 23rd, 2008

The drug war can be won quickly and efficiently. It’s essentially done by cornerning the market for illegal drugs.

Step One is for the government to offer top dollar for any and all illegal drugs from any source, no questions asked. Why should the producers sell to anyone else? The cost of this is liable to be less than the vast cost of anti-drug law enforcement as it currently exists.

Step Two is for the government to offer any quantity of drugs free of charge to anyone who wants them, no questions asked. The addicts will have no more need for their pushers. Why pay for what you can get free of charge.

By doing this the government becomes the only buyer, it corners the market. There is no other demand for illegal drugs. Why pay for what you can get for free?

Step Three is for the government’s offering price to be stepped downward while warehousing enough to supply drug users’ demand for the next few years. The price would still be top-dollar no matter how low the price goes. Nobody else will buy these drugs, since the addicts get theirs free of charge.

Eventually the producers will find it unprofitable to produce. The addicts will either quit or die. The drug war is won. It shouldn’t take much more than 2 years to complete this mission.

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