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Syria’s Insurrection Imported to South Carolina

August 6th, 2012

Bashar Asad’s government has used its military forces to destroy its own citizens. They protest, he sends in the army to shell their cities. It’s about the most vicious, ugly example of tyranny I can imagine — short of the Communist butchery in Russia and China, and the Japanese rape of Nanking prior to WW-II. Could similar savagery by a government toward its citizens happen here in the USA? Apparently the U.S. government is already anticipating the possibility.

NOW, a U.S. Army sponsored think-tank (“Small Wars Journal”) has produced a study that envisions a Tea Party inspired insurrection in Darlington South Carolina and how the U.S. Army should deal with it, i.e., PUT IT DOWN BY MILITARY FORCE. The people of Darlington, you see, invoke the principles of the Declaration of Independence and dare to replace the present governing authorities with those chosen by and representative of the people. Of course, the authors of the study say that these citizens are inspired by anti-immigrant, racist ideas and they are armed and violent — as all tea party participants presumably are!

Could this be President Obama’s vision of a military force effective on American soil? Is this the logical extension of the Department of Homeland Security’s metastasis into everyday life from origins in airline security? Are these people for real? Yes, apparently they are.


(h/t AmericanThinker.com)
‘Full Spectrum Operations in the Homeland a “vision” of the future’. Then tell me if you don’t think American liberty is threatened by Washington.

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