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China Disintegrating

August 23rd, 2012

In several prior posts I’ve predicted that China will eventually come apart at the seams. This is a country ruled by a brutal, corrupt dictatorship, with a banking system based on lies, and a real-estate situation more volatile even than that of the U.S. in 2008, growing discontent and a culture that permits poisonous baby formula and other toxic products to be produced and sold. A small minority of its vast population has achieved a western level of prosperity, while a majority still plows fields bare-footed behind oxen.

Now the evidence of decay and impending collapse is beginning to leak out. A recent article in WorldAffairsJournal.org describes declining economic performance and rising popular unrest and concludes as follows:

China is perhaps the most volatile society on earth, where even traffic accidents, like the one in Xian on Friday, cause rampages and riots with unmistakable political overtones. Therefore, top leaders, such as the hated Zhou Yongkang, know what is at stake now that the economy has begun to stumble. The Communist Party is at greater risk as each new indicator points to harder times—which is when people get desperate and stop fearing the government.

We Americans and Europeans are fools if we believe that China is the future of the world economy. It is a toxic dump based on lies, deceipt, and corruption. The sooner we remove our manufacturing base from China the safer we’ll be from the economic collapse and bloody revolution that is certain to come. Maybe soon.

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