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Obama Flush!

November 7th, 2012

The American people have decided to flush their liberties down the toilet. They have voted for a future of dependence. They have voted for a low-life president, for the niggerization of their government and their culture. This is the victory of the mooches, the takers, the self described victims, the 47%.

What’s coming? Obamacare, crushing taxes, reinstatement of the Death Tax, decimation of the Bill of Rights, including national gun control, internet censorship, all-encompassing regulation of business, in a word — the complete destruction of treasured liberties.

Look ahead to the U.S. government seizing all of your retirement assets in exchange for 2% Social Security Bonds in order to back up the exploding U.S. debt. Look ahead for the president to try and amend the Constitution to allow a third and a fourth term in office. Look forward to America being a third-rate international power, dominated by China, and perhaps a coalition of Arab/Islamic dictatorships led by Iran.

The majority of voters in this last election either didn’t realize the consequences of their votes, or they don’t care. It’s among the darkest days in all of my 69 years. And I find it hard to believe that my fellow Americans could be so dismissive and uncaring about their liberties.

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