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The Terrifying Thing About Armed Bureaucrats

October 9th, 2013

The following story well illustrates the fact that the most dangerous threat to our freedom is the bureaucracy. This is because bureaucrats will do whatever their supervisors tell them to do. When the person in the boss’s chair changes from a servant to the people to a vicious tyrant — a Hitler or a Mussolini or a Stalin or a Tojo — the bureaucracy will just continue to do whatever they are told to do; no matter how vile, inhuman or ugly. The most vile government actions in history are all supported by an unquestionably obedient bureaucracy, whether this consists of blocking citizen access to parks for political reasons, or moving masses of people to gas chambers for political purposes.

In this case, armed park rangers at Yellowstone Park behaved like Gestapo toward visitors on the event of the so-called “government closure.” See this: Gestapo-tactics-meet-senior-citizens-at-Yellowstone And again, this.

While these politically motivated inanities are not the world’s worst abuses of power they do tell us something about the Obama administration’s attitude toward the people. Additionally, this hints at the potential for terrible things that might come from a government that has been frantically arming itself with billions of rounds of ammunition, thousands of automatic weapons, and hundreds of armored vehicles deployed to “civilian” agencies around the country.

Don’t think for a moment that “It can’t happen here.” Because unless informed and armed citizens wake up, tyranny can and will happen here.

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